Cardiac Care Excellence

We excel at healing the heart. Our goal is to make heart surgery safe, simple and painless.

Cardiac Care Excellence

Leave your worries to us. We excel at what we do.

Cardiac Care Excellence

Heart Surgery is evolving. It no longer needs to be painful or disrupt your life.

Advanced Cardiac Care

Heart surgery is evolving. Newer techniques offer exceptional advantages over older methods.

Forward Thinking

We rethought everything about heart surgery. We offer tomorrow’s surgery today.

Problem Solvers

Advancing care requires everyday problem solving. It is our strength and it makes us truly exceptional.

Total Support

Our team offers total support. Our care is advanced and yet offers exceptional simplicity aiding compliance.

Our Story

We initiated the minimally invasive program in the country in 2009, in the very same techniques  we had trained at Harvard.  With more than 1600 successful operations, ours is the largest experience in the country. Our technique of multivessel MICS coronary bypass (CABG) is now the global standard and the second largest series in the world.

  • Patients Choosing Minimally Invasive 95% 95%
  • Suitable for Minimally Invasive 70% 70%
  • Success Rates 99% 99%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

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