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Aortic Valve Replacement

Replacement of the aortic valve may be required for either a leaking or a narrowed valve. The most common cause of such disease is either age related degeneration or rheumatic heart disease (infective). Choosing the right valve is as important as the type of surgery to replace the valve. Minimally invasive techniques have made recovery from such operations far more simple.

Mitral Valve Repair

Mitral valve disease does not always require replacement of the valve. Enough evidence points that those who undergo a repair will do better over time. However not all valve conditions are suitable for a repair and several other factors may influence the decision to repair or replace. Novel repair techniques can be done endoscopically allowing for rapid recovery and return to normal life.

Mitral Valve Replacement

Mitral valve replacement is required when the valve is too damaged to repair. A mechanical or a biological valve is used as the artificial substitute. The ability to repair varies between surgeons and not all are comfortable repairing. Its important to take a second opinion to help decide. Even if replacement is required minimally invasive options can improve outcomes tremendously.

Coronary Artery Bypass

CABG as is commonly referred to is an established technique to bypass blocked blood vessels of the heart. The goal is to restore blood to areas of the heart that are ischemic. CABG helps to achieve both to recover function of the heart as well as life expectancy. Several factors may influence outcomes though and its important to understand these factors.


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