Minimally Invasive CABG

This Keyhole bypass technique also referred to as MICS CABG in short is a safe and less traumatic alternative to traditional bypass. Our experience with this operation is now a decade old which makes us world leaders. We bring this experience now to Apollo, Navi Mumbai for the safest, fastest recovery from a bypass operation.

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The MICS CABG Journey

Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass is also called MICS CABG or keyhole CABG. This technique is used to bypass blocked vessels that supply the heart. It differs from a traditional bypass operation or CABG. In MICS CABG the heart operation is performed through a small cut on the left side of the chest. No bones are cut which makes it superior to open bypass operation.

The advantages of a MICS CABG or Keyhole bypass operation is faster recovery, less blood loss, less pain and low chance of infection. This operation was designed to help patients undergoing heart surgery recover faster and return to normal life. MICS CABG in Mumbai is now possible at Apollo Hospital, Mumbai. 

minimally invasive

Less Injury, Fast Recovery

A minimally invasive or MICS operation can help patients undergo multiple bypasses. It can also help to replace a diseased valve or close a hole in the heart. Almost all adult heart conditions that require a heart surgery can be performed by the minimally invasive technique. All minimally invasive procedures are currently available at Apollo Hospital, Mumbai.


Patients Suitable for MICS Procedure

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Risk of an MICS procedure

Minimally Invasive CABG or Keyhole Bypass is a more advanced bypass operation that can be done without cutting any bones in the chest. Performed through a small cut it heals faster. It helps recover faster from a  bypass operation. 

Minimally Invasive AVR

This technique is an excellent option for patients requiring aortic valve replacement. Also called key hole aortic valve replacement.  It requires no bones to be cut and recovery is rapid with just 2 days in hospital. The picture below is representative.

Minimally Invasive MVR

Also called Keyhole Mitral Valve Replacement. The operation is done with video scope through a small cut. No bone is cut. Recovery is fast and hospital stay is a just 3 days. The small cut is seen on the left. 

Endoscopic Mitral Valve Repair

Keyhole mitral valve repair is similar to replacement. We are the experts in the country for mitral valve repair done with a videoscope. Outcomes are exceptionally good with very fast recovery. Hospital stay is usually less than 72 hours. 

Endoscopic ASD Closure

The Keyhole or Endoscopic technique of ASD closure is a safe and simple procedure. The defect is closed quickly without cutting the chest and healing is rapid. Hospital stay is as short as 48 hours. This is a bloodless surgery. The picture below shows the small cut. 

Complex Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Our experience with advanced and complex techniques is minimally invasive heart surgery is legendary. Our work is showcased several times a year and observers from all over the globe visit to learn. Double valve replacements, Myxomas in the heart, rerouting of sinus venosus ASD’s are all performed routinely. Our experience is unmatched. 


What People are Saying

“Was worth travelling for this”

“Travelled from Malaysia for MICS CABG. Amazed with  how fast I recovered”.

Mr Pala

“Amazing experience & recovery”

“Underwent a triple keyhole bypass. I felt normal in ten days. “

Mr Sharma

“Unbelievable recovery”

“As a laparoscopic surgeon I travelled from Punjab for 5 vessel total arterial MICS CABG bypass.

Dr Gupta

“Never thought possible at 86 years”

“I lead a normal life which I thought would not be possible after a bypass at my age.”

Mr Mishra

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