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Over 1500 minimally invasive CABG or MICS CABG procedures have been completed at Apollo Hospital, Bengaluru. The largest experience so far in the world from a single centre. See what some of our patients have to say.

Hindi Testimonial

Mr Sharma travelled from Vishakapatnam for an MICS CABG. His experience in his own words is worth a hear.

Happy customers.

Kannada Testimonial

Underwent a multi vessel 4 bypass MICS CABG a month and a half ago. Extremely active, is now able to walk and exercise much more than before surgery.

Before the MICS CABG operation, I could barely walk. I spent most of my time in bed or in a chair. After the bypass, I simply can’t stop walking. My family is really happy!

Happy customers.
“3 years after undergoing an MICS CABG I am extremely happy and am fully active. At my age MICS made a big difference to my life. ”

Mr Mishra

Aged 86 years

I Travelled from Bihar for a Keyhole Mitral valve replacement and Tricuspid valve repair!

The key hole technique did not require any bones to be cut. I recovered in a weeks time and did not feel like I had undergone a major heart surgery


I travelled from Tirunelveli for the key hole bypass surgery (MICS CABG). My experience was something unbelievable.

Happy customers.
My Story is unique. I was hospitalised for brain surgery, discovered to have multiple blocks, underwent a keyhole multivessel bypass and then a brain surgery, all within two weeks.

I am a laparoscopic surgeon and searched hard for this. After looking everywhere I travelled to Bangalore and underwent a 5 vessel total arterial bypass by the MICS CABG technique. This is my story.


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