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How many bypasses can be done by the MICS CABG technique?

This is a question that’s frequently asked by patients. Why does this question arise so frequently?

The vast majority of patients who are referred for bypass surgery (CABG) require two or more bypass grafts. The medical community is still not fully aware of the technique of MICS CABG and its wrongly believed that only a single graft can be done by MICS CABG. This is because most surgeons are still learning the technique and are capable of performing a single bypass. When these surgeons or physicians are consulted they incorrectly advise patients against undergoing an MICS CABG. This article was particularly written to educate and to simply to dispel this myth.

Are these patients given wrong information? In a way yes although it may be more from ignorance rather than on purpose. Many senior physicians are actually unaware and spend little time in updating themselves about current techniques. Less often we find that although the physicians knew, they actually discouraged patients from undergoing a less invasive procedure that was actually beneficial. The reasons for this are manifold. First incomplete knowledge breeds fear. Older physicians may be in touch with older surgeons who are unable to adapt to evolving techniques and therefore may condemn them from the fear of loosing clientele. Some may find it uncomfortable to call a younger colleague to enquire about a technique they are unaware of. Irrespective of the cause, it’s the patient who ends up suffering.

In part II of this article I will highlight our experience with MICS multi vessel bypass with actual patient details and scientific evidence towards the same.

Please leave a comment. If you or a member of your family has undergone a multi vessel MICS CABG, do write your story.

Part II of this post will carry a true patient experience. Its a must read!

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Minimally-Invasive-Heart-Surgery/1429181157398735
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Multi vessel MICS CABG is possible and performed on a daily basis


Patients receiving 2 or more bypass grafts by MICS


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